Welcome to our Studio!

We are a team of experienced editors that can create anything from Machinimas to Advertisments, Cinematics and more! TBFStudios have been creating online video content for almost 20 years.

Here on our website you will see just a few of our projects we have highlighted for you. More of our work can be seen on our Youtube channel and at our partner website www.drakortha.info



Please explore our website by viewing the column!

Thank you for choosing TBF STUDIOS!

5 Replies to “Welcome to our Studio!”

  1. RicemanRhys says:

    How exciting!

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  2. Jessica Anne Lang says:

    Can say with 100% confidence that good work only is done here. A very professional and committed team!

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  3. Henery says:

    I have worked with tony lots. He is legit and he is great at making Cinematics .

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  4. flyrswep says:

    Take my word for it..

    With years of experience, top-tier proficiency in cinematography and an unmistakable passion for creating some of the most meticulous cinematics I’ve ever seen.. I personally and WHOLEHEARTEDLY cannot recommend another content creator but Tony.

    Whether you require expertly crafted cinematics for advertising, project development or any purpose imaginable – Tony’s got you covered! Contact the Guru himself and get started on delivering YOUR creative cinematic.

    Ryan Walker,
    Co-founder of Kyoto Video Game Concern ©

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